Los Ángeles, a Granada pop band, born as Los ángeles azules in 1963, the same name they had till the en of 1966, when they did go to Hispavox Records. Los ángeles reached their successes between 1967 and 1971, with songs such as "98.6"; Mañana, mañana, Créeme; Momentos; Mónica; and Abre tu ventana. They appeared in two Spanish movies: ""Un, dos tres, al escondite inglés", by Iván Zulueta (1967), and "A 45 revoluciones por minuto", by Pedro Lazaga (1970). This song was the biggest hit of James Barry Keefer (Philadelphia), best known as Bazza Keefer (in memory of his mother), or simply as Keith. "98.6" was his biggest hit peaking at #7 in January of 1967.

Nevertheless, this time is one when the cover is better than the original, of course.


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