One of the biggest Spanish musical campaigns undertaken by a commercial mark was, without doubt, done by Cognac Pedro Domecq, Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz), est. 1874, with its Discos Sorpresa, begun in the 60s and maintained until the early 70s.

They were special editions of Eps that were donated by Bodegas Domecq, especially for Christmas, to whom bought Cognac Fundador. It was the time when the brandy was a staple and drive a luxury, and this was the best way to have a collection of the most famous artists of the time.

The Eps were changed every year, some of them with prizes to be indicated at the end of one of the two songs from both sides of the disc. Prizes ranged from one of the Spanish cars Seat (Spanish Service of Tourism Cars), up to a Simca 1000 or a Citroen 2CV, according to the year, or be graced with televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, tape recorders, shavers and Philips plates, turntables Iberofon , lighters Flaminaire, coffee Oroley, palomitones and strollers Paya batteries, discs and cases with two bottles Cognac Fundador. Even a million of pesetas (€ 6.000).
PracticallyPhilips brand became the provider of prizes Disco Sorpresa Fundador  In the late 60s, the Seat 600 was replaced by the French utility, the Citroen "two horses" and modern TVs with UHF, the second channel of Spanish Television.

The Discos Sorpresa Fundador came with the jingle of the house: Round is the Founder Surprise Disco. Round all awards Founder. Redondo is the pleasure of drinking Boss ... The cognac is ... like never before! (you can download the mp3 slogan here).  
Don Pedrito
 During 1960, Estudios Moro performed the first advertising filmlet for cinemas with a pet, Don Pedrito, that became famous.

Sepher Patty
 From 1967-68 campaign, recognizable American advertising model Sepher Patty (d. January 3, 2003), who also made film and television in the 60s, was in charge of promoting advertisements and look on the cover Discos Sorpresa Fundador.

"Estoy hasta la coronilla" (I'm full/from foots up to head/I'm sick) is a Spanish popular phrase that was originated from the originality of Fundador designed promoting campaign, as was the "disco surprise." It was obtained by changing five pates bottles of a disc. At the end of the disc could win the prize that the consumer was announced.

Among the most outstanding artists included Formula V, Los HH, Daniel Velazquez, Raphael, Manolo Escobar, Los 3 Sudamericanos, Amina, Ana Kiro, Myths, Karina, Sabrina, Victor Manuel, Cristina, Alberto Cortez, Los Mismos, Nino Bravo, Maria Ostiz, Miguel Rios, Módules, Salome, Nuria Feliu, Rosalia, Los Payos, Los Albas, Tony Ronald, Antoñita Moreno, Peret, Porrina de Badajoz ... 

Actually, this is a hard-to-find collection for Spanish vynil collectors. The number of edited Eps remains unknown today, but could be about 600. I start the uploading of the Collection, and I hope upload all of them.



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¿Para cuando la "Serie Mirinda"