Hi, dear followers!
A long summer behind, my computer said good bye, and my music library still waiting a shoot of order and light. But, let us back again. I prefer start with another exception. As you know, I hope, everyone has their own heroes in music. The mine on drums is Max Weinberg. And the fabulous, the excellent, the amazing Albert Lee (London, 21 December 1943) on guitar. He is playing guitar since 1958 to today, a Fender Telecaster. It is widely quoted that Eric Clapton is on record as stating that Albert Lee is, in his opinion, "the greatest guitarist in the world."
Deep Purple, The London Simphony Orchestra, Eric Clapton, Dave Edmunds, Marty Wilde, Willie Nelson, Nanci Griffith, or Emmylou Harris have all jammed with him at one time or another. But he has his own career, as you can see in his webpage (and 2). I can not explain how ellegant he is, and how he dominates the discretion, being, as he is a magician of the sound. Better see him in the videos below.
And enjoy!

Albert Lee with Earl Scruggs and friends (1.57 to 2.22)

Albert Lee and Emmylou Harris

Albert Lee Masterclass