Los Imposibles again. The re-edition of their "hoo-ha!!" LP (1st ed: 1995. 2nd ed: 2005) includes few bonus tracks, such as the one we upload today, a cover of "It's Cold Outside", but touched with their typical sound. Although Los Imposibles is usually labelled as a mod band in Spain, they covered few songs belonging to, supposedly, other styles. We are in the land of the labels again: pop, power-pop, noise-pop, mod, pop-rock, flower-pop, beat, merseybeat, surfbeat, British invasion, bubblegum... I can still go on few lines putting styles. I would like to know who can give light over this, since there are songs crossing all styles through the times.

Download Los Imposibles

Download 1966 The Choir (original)

Download Stiv Bators cover (1979)

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