Smutmen was a band from Zaragosa, influenced by sixties pop, beat, and soul. Formers were: Daniel Garuz: voice and guitar, Ricardo Vicente: voice and guitar, Samuel Zapatero: vocals and bass, and Enrique Moreno: drums. Smutmen recorded the songs that would be his first album, a three-song EP titled "On the road again" at late 1994, and was published by Animal Records in 1995. The presentation tour took them through several major Spanish cities.
In 1996 published with Animal Records their second EP, "Snails", which included four new songs. They kept playing in Spain and in 1997 performed at the Series B Festival at La Rioja and the Purple Weekend in Leon. But the group's evolution toward a less sixties sound and change the language of your letters from English to Castilian led them to change their name in late 1997. Smutmen adventure ended and began Pulmón (Lung).The four Smutmen members remained together as Pulmón about the following two years.

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