Licia, from Zaragoza, was scholar at Santa Inés College, where participated in the chorus. In 1964 she  peaked to the top during her appearance in the famous music TV show  “Salto a la fama”. Moved to Barcelona, she signed with Vergara records, editing four EPs and five singles, becoming a ye-ye girl, along with Ivana, Betina, Silvana Velasco, Adriángela, Rosalía, Marta Baizán, Lita Torelló… She also participated in the "Festival de Conjuntos" (Bands Festival), celebrated at Barcelona (Sports Palace), a successfull meeting, along with other Spanish famous bands, such as Lone Star, El Dúo Dinámico, Los Salvajes, Los Brincos, Los Bravos, and Los Sirex, among others. She participated singing “El folclore americano”, a song from her third EP. In her 1st EP (1965) included French, Italian, and American songs: “Boys Cry”, Vulcano”, “Riampiangerai”, and “Un ami ça n’a pas de prix”. In her 2nd Ep, she covered The Beatles, with "Help", and in her 3rd, and last EP, included “Cuando digo que te amo”.
Now, listen her last song, from 1968, “Porque eres beat”.


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This song "Hermanas Ros - Estilo beat"

Miguel López Pérez said...

Of course! Many thanks for your comment. I will upload my fatal error asap.