Diaz (vocals, guitar), Pepillo Medina (bass, vocals) and José Andrés Albertos (drums), after several years of playing together in different bands, are Airbag, a group born in Estepona in 1998.

Vinyl lovers and owners of a great musical culture, their influences range from 50s vocal groups, to surf music, Spector sound, girl groups, pop groups of the '60s (especially the Beatles intermediate period, The Who, The Hollies and The Zombies), the sixties garage (Remains, Sonics), the bubblegum, the Beach Boys, punk (from the most classic bands like The Clash or Buzzcocks pop punk to the most current bands like The MUFs, Queers and Green Day), to power tiller handle groups of both 70 and 80 as the Beat, The Housemartins or Rubinoos, and current type Weezer, Fountains of Wayne or Teenage Fanclub, Spanish and Feedbacks groups , Los Nikis, Shock Treatment and the Dalton Brothers, above all, the Ramones. His love of Weezer's music takes them to maintain a parallel group, Aweezer, which perform a repertoire composed exclusively by cover of Rivers Cuomo All this variety of influences, however, has been gradually integrating and forming their own style: Airbag increasingly sounds more like Airbag.
Partially taken from La fonoteca

In 2010 they launched the LP "16 versiones y rarezas para norbert & cali", including the instrumental I upload.

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