Taken from La Fonoteca

In mid-60s, a lot of bands arised in Valencia, such as Los Signals (1966), having as leaders Manuel José (drums) and José Ángel Marín (bass), and displaying garage sound and voices, close to The Hollies. They make their official debut to the public, with great success, in Valencia Micalet Theatre, which currently housed bands from Valencia.

Later, they decided to change the name to Los Ciclones, thereby changing any of its components, but always led by Manolo and Jose Angel. The, they joined Juan Camacho as singer of the band, who is not long, because he decided his solo career (formerly with Diapasons and Relámpagos). In short time, they decided again another name for the band: Los Pepes.

Los Pepes´ last members were: Manuel José (drums), José María (lead guitar), José Manuel (vocals), Federico José (rhythm guitarist), Jose Angel Marin (bass).

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