Los Canarios as The Canaries

In early 60s, and in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, four boys decided to form a band and start preparing test versions of the Beatles and others. They were Eduardo, Teddy, Bautista (vocals and rhythm guitar), Germain Pérez (guitar plucking), Rafael Izquierdo (bass) and José (Tato) Luzardo (drums). They soon get ​​a name in the tourist area of ​​the island and decide to jump into the peninsula in 1964. As Los Ídolos, they did go to Madrid, and later to Barcelona, and Seville, not emerging in none of these places. Indeed, acting at Cristina hotel of Seville, in the summer of 65, they were heard by an American tourist named Dudley Cooper, ownerof a chain of amusement parks and proposes them nothing less than a three-months tour to the USA.

Sice three of them ccould not travel by is age, Eduardo Bautista Velarde, Teddy's father, accompanies them on their American journey and gives them good money to upgrade their equipment. Renamed The Canaries in the USA, they were seven months there playing in provincial parks and some college parties, and even recorded some live demos for the RCA subsidiary label (BT Puppy Records). But the important thing is none of that, but they are in a country seething with music and musicians of extraordinary quality, which are soaked to the bone of soul music, not too well known in Europe. The demos we are talking are "Flying High With The Canaries" (BT Puppy 1970), reprinted by Crocodile Records in 1987, "Flying High With The Canaries" (Alligator, 1985).

Enjoy this exercise of soul.

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