They were a very respected and Ventures influenced instrumental band from Mendoza state. The band was Roberto Sánchez (bass) , Luis Alejandro Romano (drums), Freddy Antero Alvarez (lead guitar) and Carlos Roney ( Juan Carlos Cardozo Camisay) (rhythm guitar).
They started playing in the program “Sabados Circulares de Mancera”. The drummer Luis Alejandro was replaced by Gregorio Visiglio and the group started to play on the TV Channel 11 of Buenos Aires (program “Ritmo y Juventud”).  In 1964 they played in the famous Opera Theater of Buenos Aires during the Rita Pavone tour in Argentina. The lead guitarist was then replaced by a new guitar player, Juan Carlos Mate Luna, whose nickname was Freddy Solo.
The band recorded six all instrumental albums on the Microfon label and two of them were issued abroad in Chile (“Bailando En El Espacio, LPE-78) and Peru (“Planetomania”, ISS-101) both with different covers. Also, they shared albums with the famous Argentinean guitar player Horacio Malvicino. They used to cover some Ventures tunes and Latin songs with nice creative arrangements. Their lead guitarist was a skilled musician, and the band’sound was highly professional. They were one of the best instrumental groups from Latin America. To date no album of Los 4 Planetas was reissued on compact discs. 


Lp “Guitarras En El Cielo”, Microfon IP-61, Mono. 

Lp “Bailando En El Espacio”, Microfon IP-78, Mono (also issued in Chile as LPE-7815). 
LP “Planetomania”, Microfon IP-101, Mono (also issued in Peru but in Stereo, as MS-101) 
LP “Vacaciones Con Los 4 Planetas”, Microfon IP-124, Mono. 
LP “Volando Con Los 4 Planetas”, Microfon IP-149, Mono. 
LP “De Viaje Con Los 4 Planetas”, Microfon IP-199, Mono. 
LP “Guitarras Electricas”, Microfon ahora 105,  Mono (compilation of others LPs by 4 Planetas). 
LP “Es La Guitarra Electrica”, Microfon ASI- 12 (only two tracks by Los 4 Planetas).
LP “Electrizante”, Microfon ASI – 34 Mono (only seven tracks by Los 4 Planetas).

Singles (eleven 45s):  Microfon Nºs 3365, 3387, 3391, 3400, 3423, 3442, 3457, 3494, 3525, 3611 and 3628.
EPs (just two): 6355, 6343.
PS: All EPs and singles tracks were taken from the LPs 

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