They played at Barcelona, on May 25, 1965 in Pentagrama, a show devoted to ye-yé music these night, along with "Los Crickets", "Los Cheyennes", and many more. They were introduced as members of Belter Records. The notice appeared in the journal "La Vanguardia" says: Atistas invitados. Han triunfado en Zaragoza, y su nuevo disco de Los Antifaces. The June 27, 1965, we can read in the Journal "El mundo deportivo": The past Tuesday we attendee a cocktail given by the popular band Los Antifaces to the music press, in order to give notice their latest news. Among others, Los Antifaces said to us that they will go to the Costa Brava (Mediterranean Area), back from Alicantes, where they are actually. The nameof Los Antifaces is a question they want to disclose... There is not much knews from them. They only recorded two EPs. Enjoy this cover.

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