Banded in Mallorca during 1966 by Vicenç Caldentey (guitar), Leopoldo González (bass), Gerónimo (organ), Tito (drums), and Pedro Brunet (sax). The band has as main scope Mallorca, and loved the soul and psychedelic. "Los Z-66" had a famous singer: Lorenzo Roselló, a.k.a Lorenzo Santamaría, with a later career as solist. They covered English psichedelic bands, such as Vainilla Fudge, The Move, or The Herd. In 1967 the band suffered many changes: a new drummer (Manolo Marí), Pep Noguera (keyboards), and the saxman Manolo Martínez ("Ness"). Their best year was 1968. Lorenzo Santamaría tells us his meeting with Eric burdon in 1968 at The Club Toltec (Mallorca):
In The Toltec, a day came Eric Burdon, the singer of The Animals. I bought an Burdon echo [...] He said me as follows: The echo is into your throat, not in the apparatus. 

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