Billy Cafaro , sometimes spelled wrongly Billy Caffaro ( Buenos Aires , November 1st - 1936 ) is a singer of rock and roll Argentina , one of the first in Latin America , which won an ephemeral massive success in the late fifties . Billy Cafaro emerged on Radio El Mundo of Buenos Aires , with two hits, a cover of Paul Anka , "Pity, Pity" (untranslated and implying that it was the name of a woman), who sold the extraordinary amount of 300,000 copies in January.  Billy Cafaro produced the first rockmanía by a local star. The queues to enter the radio located in Maipú 555, congested around the city center. To make his radio, Cafaro arrived by helicopter to the obelisk. Its popularity was fleeting, beginning to wane after recording a German rock called Kriminal Tango , which caused serious clashes with supporters of the tango , which led him to emigrate to Spain , where they obtained the expected success. He returned to Argentina in 1963 , acting as a guest in the Club of the Clan , but without much success. Between 1965 and 1967 he recorded some EP in Spain . Cafaro never failed to get the success of his early years, and could not re-record, due to which their fans complained that there was a conspiracy by the recording companies against him. Enjoy this cover of "Twist again".

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