In the mid-60, Barcelona city was definitely an efervescent music city, full of musical-vocal bands. One such group is formed in 1964 by Vicent Solsona (singer), Jesus Oregon and Jaume Sabate (guitars), Josep Sanchez (bass), Josep Maria Casanovas (drums), and José María Gutiérrez (organ): Los Wikingos. After a hard learning, and modest performances, they won, in the summer of 1965, the contest organized by the Grand Casino of Arenys de Mar. In early 1966 they participated in the Festival de Conjuntos de León of , earning a place in the final. Back in Barcelona his name is beginning to be known, especially from their live shows in Pentagram's radio show. The record label Ekipo sign a contract and they recorded their first EP, which is about to be the only one, sincesinger Vincent abandons them to start a short-lived solo career. With him leave bassist, organist and one of the guitars, literally leaving the group as a picture.

They have then a bew singer, Enrique Lopez, along with musicians Joan Miró and Jose Ruiz, being definitely from six to five the number of final members. They were lucky when having film proposal and are hired to act in the film "
“La Tía de Carlos en Minifalda” (Ignacio F.Iquino, 1967), in which the comedian Casto Sendra, aka Cassen does precisely the role of drummer. They published in June 1967 a second EP with two songs the group played in that movie, and two covers: Lady Jane (Rolling Stones), and Viernes de mi recuerdo (Friday on my mind, by The easybeats). Despite being a much better EP than the previous one, does not work commercially at all. They disbanded in the sumer of 1968. In their short career, they compossed for the famous Spanish band Los Bravos. One of their occasional member was the singer Oscar Janot, who also played with Los Go Gos (forthcoming), Los H2O, Henry and The Seven,  and accompanied to Los Sírex when the singer was doing his military service. With Los Sirex, Oscar recorded the song "Fuego".

The cover I upload now is a killer perfomance, surely having as reference one of the Easybeats live perfomances, as you can see in Youtube. ENJOY!


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