LOS CINCO MUSICALES  started in 1967 the Bubble-Gum in Spain. Banded by Eduardo Buján, Francisco Díaz, Jesús Gracia, Beatriz Montero, and Esther Navares. In 1969 they won the III Festival de la Canción Infantil de TVE, singing "Adivínalo", by July Murillo. This EP appeared  with the song "Bugulú", by Ramón Farrán, in the B-side. They also participated in the IV Festival de la Canción Infantil de TVE (1970), singing "La orquesta", and "Vamos a cantar", winning the Interpretation Prize, and the 3rd Prize respectively. They selected the best songs of the 3rd Festival, interpreted by other artists, such as "El ratón Cotolito", "Babina", "La veloz tortuga", and "El columpio", and popularized them in their discography through their appearances in TV shows for children. They also appeared in the V Festival de la Canción Infantil de TVE, (in 1971 and 1972 this Festival was not celebrated).


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