Burning is a Rock group from Madrid. They started their career in 1977, with José Casas (also known as Pepe Risi, guitar), Antonio Martín (Toño Martin, vocals), Johnny Cifuentes (boards) and Enrique Pérez (bass), who left Burning at late 70s. Althoug they sing in English during their firt LPs, they introduced the Spanish, along with Moris and Tequila, as current tongue. Burning is one of the most important reference on the Movida madrileña, a young movement of fresh air in music.
This time they are here because they performed a 65 hit, Shangri-las - Give him a great big kiss, in 1980, a song of his LP Bulevar, and that you can see in the videos below.


I also uploaded this live version, from a concert they gave in honor of one of their original members, Pepe Risi (d.1997), December 11 and 12, 1997. Enjoy!

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