Mayte Gaos burn in Spain, but go to Mexico being 15 old. She sang in the School she was scholar, and in 1962 she recorded "El gran Tomás", reching the popularity in Mexico. With her natural friendliness and humour, she conquered the public as love=song singer, along with another woman on the "La Nueva Ola", the name of the music movement she represented. She has a lot of hits (1962-1966), such as "De cachetito no", "Hermanita de transistores", "Susy la coquetona", "La Conciencia", "Tic tac Twist", and more. She actually live in Spain. (sources: http://rockenmexico2.tripod.com

Today, she es here by his version of My Boy Lollipop.
"My Boy Lollipop" (originally as My Boy Lollypop) is a song written in the mid-1950s and usually credited to the ddo-wop group The Cadillacs' Robert Spencer. Although not involved in writing the song, record company executive Morris Levy and alleged gangster, Johnny Roberts listed themselves as the songs authors. In an effort to avoid sharing any royalties with Robert Spencer, Morris Levy removed Robert Spencer from the original writing credits. Levy even went as far as to claim that Robert Spencer was his pseudonym. The song was originally recorded by then 14-year old American singer Barbie Gaye in late 1956, spelled "My Boy Lollypop" (with a "y" not an "i") on the original record. The song was heavily played by New York radio DJ Alan Freed. The record sold in sufficient quantities locally to gain her a place in Freed's annual Christmas show at the New York Paramount in December 1956, when she opened for Little Richard. Listener requests made the song #25 on Alan Freed's Top 25 on WINS, New York in November, 1956. (source:http://home.earthlink.net/~v1tiger/top2556.html. It is most famous, however, for the 1964 recording by Jamaican singer M;illie Smallwhich is considered the first international ska hit.

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