LOS MISMOS was a pop band from Valladolid composed by Elena Vázquez Minguela (Helena Bianco in her own music career), Antonio Pérez Gutiérrez, and Benjamín Santos Calonge. Founded in 1968, they recorded with Belter Company. They get a lot of hits, such as "El hombre del tiempo", "El domingo en mi pueblo", "Voy a pintar las paredes con tu nombre", "Don Juan", "Mil amores", "Catalina", "Pon una cinta en el viejo roble", "Lo hice por María", and "San Bernardino".
They belonged to the Spanish style of doing pop music during the Sixities. That is, the mixed folk tunes with pop and rock rythms. They were a lot of bands and singers doing exactly the same, assuring by this way a base success, at least, in Spain. For more success they versioned international hits. Los Mismos themselves performed the 1973 Tony Orlando hit "Tie a yellow ribbon round the ole oak tree" ("Pon una cinta en el viejo roble") (forthcoming)

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