Andrés Do Barro Lapique (1947-1989) was the exact image of the tragic feeling that much Galician people has. He physically died by an hepatic cancer, but he began to dye years before in his mind. From 1979 till his dead, he gone down a bit every day. In the mid 70s, he recorded his third LP, called Andrés Do Barro, but the same success he had before did not appears now. So, he moved to Mexico in 1976. He suddenly back to Spain, but he had serious problems, even for a low subsistence. He tried to sell a project for his fourth LP, but it failed. His personal friend Nonito Pereira, told in his book Historias, histerias y anécdotas musicales de La Coruña on the bad impression he suffered seeing to his friend Andrés at the Galician TV, in 1989: «It was pathetic. I had the sad feeling that Andrés, out of control, and attacking all people, he was committing a public suicide». A month later, the singer who reached the Galician pop to the top 1, died.
He left behind a career vampirized by the high success of O Tren, an extremely exquisite folk-pop song. It is very difficult that public do not share its shameless felicity, a contradiction that perfectly reflects the Galician "morriña" (see in the blog Siniestro total, Miña terra galega). «Todo o que sexa amor e paz o atoparei e o terei coa miña moza no meu lar», All what love and peace be I will have with my love in my home. All Spanish people knows O tren.
Andrés for ever!

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