Janette Anne Dimech, (London, October 5, 1951) is a British singer naturalized Spanish. Known as Jeanette, she sing in Spanish, but also in Catalan, English, Japanese, Portuguese, German, and French. She has 7 LP, and more than 70 Gold, Platinum and Diamond discs. She has duets with Julio Iglesias, José Luis Perales, Mocedades, Sacha Distel, Raphael, and Formula V. Also, she received a proposal for a duet with Michael Jackson, but she refused this saying that she sing another music. In 1974 she accept a new composition done by José Luís Perales (a famous Spanish composer and singer), singing the song I offer you all today: "¿Por qué te vas?". This beautiful song passed in silence during the next two years, till 1976, when it became the soundtrack of a famous Spanish movie, directed by Carlos Saura, and called "Cría cuervos". This year, Jeanette was invited to the Parisian Olympia, sharing scene with Julio Iglesias. "¿Por qué te vas?" sold 6.000.000 copies all over the world.
By the way, "Cria cuervos" is the first part of a Spanish proverb (Cría cuervos, y te sacarán los ojos: Raise crows and they'll peck your eyes out) . It means that if you are raising children, then it can happens sometimes that those children will give you the cold shoulder once they're grown up. In general, it means that favors made to ungrateful persons will always be time lost.
Enjoy this sweet voice.

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