José María Sanz Beltrán, alias Loquillo, or Loco, is a Spanish rockabilly and rock singer. He born the December 21, 1960 in Barcelona. Until 2007 he was singin with a band known as Los Trogloditas. Loquillo (name taken from Woody Woodpecker cartoon serie) is a reference for a generation in Spain. I saw him and his band thanks to a mistake. In a popular festivities of the town Alcobendas, few friends and I will go to see to another Spanish famous singer and her band (Alaska y los Pegamoides, forthcoming), but Alska can not be there, so Loquillo played at Alcobendes in sustitution of Alaska. No more than 100 persons. He played on our ground, between us! I shall never forget these concert.
Today Loquillo is here for his version of the famous TV serie Hawaii Five-0. Not the second, but the first, the one where Jack Lord was starring.
Anyway, the best live version I have ever seen is in the video below.


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