Fórmula V (Fórmula Quinta) is a Spanish pop band created in 1967 in Madrid. Initially composed by Francisco Pastor (voices), Antonio Revilla (drums), Manolo Sanz (bass), "Chapete" (keyboards), and "Kino" (guitar). In 1968 they get their first chart with "Tengo tu amor" (I have your love), becoming a revelation band. From then on, their songs reached to the top easily: "Cuéntame" and "Cenicienta", in 1969; "Jenny Artichoke" in 1970; "Vacaniones de Verano" in 1972; "Eva María" in 1973, and "La fiesta de Blas" in 1974. They also were the stars in two movies: "Un, dos, tres, al escondite inglés", in 1968, and "A 45 revoluciones por minuto", in 1969".

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