LOS 007 - DETÉN LA NOCHE reloaded

Los 007 is one of the most successfull Venezolan sixties bands. They started in 1965 in Caracas with Jorge Chapellín (voices), Manolo Álvarez (drums and voices), José Galparsoro (lead guitar, voices), Constantino Bertomis (bass, voices) and Javier Atance (2nd guitar, voices). As a lot of bands of their time, they versioned Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Los Brincos, Eddie Cochran, among others. Their first Lp (1966) included Ella es un amor/El último beso. With this last song they reached the top 1 during 20 weeks in Venezuela, and selling 75.000 copies. Their 2nd album, Vuelven Los 007 (1967), had the song I upload today.

I never become tired after hearing this song a thousand times, be sure of this.

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