Las Moskas again. Now performing "Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love)," by The Swingin' Medallions. The Swingin' Medallions have been based out of the Greenwood South Carolina area, since the early 1960's. Their musical roots came from listening to the early rhythm and blues acts. The music most often associated with the band is beach music, frat rock, R&B, or shaggin' music. After a few years of touring colleges from the Carolinas to the Louisiana Bayou, John McElrath took the group to Arthur Smith's Studio in Charlotte North Carolina, to record "Double Shot (of My Baby's Love)". The song became a million seller in 1966, and has been a party classic for college students for decades. "She Drives Me Out Of My Mind" and "Hey, Hey, Baby" were top 40 hits in 1966 and 1967, but "Double Shot" remains the signature song of the Swingin' Medallions.
This cover is full of energy, and the lyrics are very funny. Just a pleasure, as all The Moskas did. By the way, the Mexican Rock is simply amazing, and you should visit the blogs I have listed on Mexican Rock if you want to spend your time rightly.

Las Moskas at sangrepesada and at Garagelatino

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