In 1968, eight persons stablished Nuestro pequeño mundo (Our little world). Their first stage was devoted to international folk songs, and thge 2nd to the Spanish folk. Their first hit was the song I today present: "Oh, Sinner Man", a song that was already popular in Spain due to Nina and Frederick. "Sinner Man" or "Sinnerman" is an American traditional spiritual songthat has been recorded by a number of performers. The song dates to the turn of the 20th century but most modern recorded versions derive from the 1956 recording by Les Baxter, further changes and additions were codified in 1959 by the Weavers.
This cover is simply good.Enlace

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Judge Mental said...

Isaiaih 40:1 / "Prepare thee the way of the Lord"
GODSPELL How wonderful and simple are the words
to this song. "Where are you gonna run to sinnerman?" Oh on that day?? Hop in your SUV to
repent street and causeway there is nowhere to hide. LOL