Long time without an Exception in the blog. Even when I have this section as one of the most important. Well. This time, I upload a beautiful song. There are some songs I see as total-song: when lyrics and music are perfectly linked, when one is complementary of the other, making a global, and compact thing. There are songs that have compiled inside a shoot of feelings: Shame, laugh, love, melancholy, happy, hope. All of them at the same time. You can feel what you want listening some songs. This is the magic of the music. Each of us has his own view of the song, but everyone love it in his own way.

Lonnie & The Legends was a Country & Western band from Silmar (California). They recorded this song in March, 1966, as the B side of a 45. A-side song is "I cried".Led by Lonnie Grah (guitar andsinger), had as members her mother Nancy Grah (singer), and Donna Grah (singer). Occasionally, other musicians included Kenny Ray on bass and Gene Gunnels on drums.

Lonnie & The Legends recorded a previous 45, where they included two wild instrumentals surf-rock "Penguin walk"(A side), and "Crazy Penguin"(B side) (1964).


Interview to Gene Gunnels

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