Edward y Los Windys is another rare Spanish band not known as they deserve. Banded in 1961 by two scholars groups coming from university tunas.One from The District, and the other from Isabel la Católica, both in the city of Granada. Original members were: 
Eduardo López-Huertas Pérez (Edward), singer; Francisco Guardia "Pacuqui", on drums; and the brothers Carlos Sánchez de Medina, guitar; Fermín Sánchez de Medina, bass; ALVARO SANCHEZ DE MEDINA, banjo & trumpet; and  JAVIER SANCHEZ DE MEDINA, on piano. 
Pacuqui, Carlos, Eduardo, Fermín, Álvaro & Javier
With Rocío Dúrcal
Under this name, they started their acts in the opening party of "Jardines de Neptuno" (Granada), a future music center in the city. In 1962 Miguel Quirós ocassionally become a member of the band, playing sax while Alvaro Sánchez de Medina was ion Madrid learning Ingeniery. Another occasional member was Pepin Martin Vivaldi "El Briegas", playing the rythm guitar. In these year, they played with Rocío Dúrcal in the launch of her 1st film "Canción de Juventud" in Dúrcal (Granada), at the Aliatar cinema. In 1963 they signed with Philips Records, when "Pacuqui" is changed by Rafael Ruiz Rodriguez, coming fron Los Nevada. He aldo appeared with Los Windys in the TVE Show "El Show de Torrebruno". In May 1963 they launched their first recordings: 2 EPs at the same time, under the Philips' subsidiary Fontana Label.Curioualy appears only "Los Windys" in the frontcovers, but "Edward y Los Windys" in the backcovers. 
Partially taken from Guateque.net and Cuadernos del Rock en Español

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