Los Mandriles
Juan Guerrero & Oscar Villarreal
Oscar Villarreal was a young Chicano native from Mission (Texas) who along with his childhood friend  Juan Guerrero decided to venture into the Tejano mid-60s music. His first recordings were for the label Falcon (mark where Freddie Fender also recorded in the beginning). Of that first album is highlighted at least three songs that were released in the Valley of Texas and the Mexican border, the more popular and why is still reminded:"Amor imposible" ("An impossible love"), along with "Juntitos mi amor" and "Cita con Marilu".  In this LP played: Oscar Villarreal (singer and guitarist), Juan Guerrero (bass), Romulo Montalvo (guitar) and Bill Martinez (drums).Oscar Villarreal's style was geared  towards the romantic ballad and pop style rather than Tex Mex. Unfortunately his life ended tragically after being hit by a drunk driver on October 7, 1967 in Indiana to be changing a tire on his car, so truncating promising musical career was just beginning to emerge. His compositions have been recorded by other groups and singers such as The Baby's, Rigo Tovar (who recorded their versions of "Un amor imposible), and The Invaders ("Juntitos mi amor").
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Thanks for this blog, it brings back many memories. Oscar Villareal was a truly gifted and talented young man. May his music live on.