Clara, Fernando, and Charlie

Fernando Márquez ("El Zurdo"), Clara Collantes, and Charlie Mysterio bands "La Ruleta China", a sweet pop Spanish trio that resumes 3 decades of the history of Spanish Pop.  Fernando (Kaka de Luxe, Paraíso, La Mode, Pop Decó…) is scorted by two lovers, and server of the music (sorry: Music): Charlie  Mysterio (Los Caramelos) is the pruducer, but also a sageman, since he wants to keep learning day by day (I know that); and Clara Collantes, who perfectly plays the acoustic guitar, keeps launching sensibility, and highlighting everything she touchs. Innovember 2, 2010, La Ruleta China presented few songs in Sala Galileo Galilei, a famous music bar, or a Culture Center, as you want. they have their own blog, that you can visit here. Few days ago, Charlie Mysterio touched me by email give memany thanks for my blog.But, really,we all have to be strongly grateful to them for his music, for all  the good moments they give to the people. He sent me a couple of unedited songs of "La Ruleta China". And, today, I uploadone for you all. It is a cover of "Llegando hasta el final", by Alaska. Pure pop tonight! ENJOY! And many thanks to Charlie for this jewel/present he gave to me.

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