Los Polaris (not Los Polares) was a pioneering band of the  instrumental rock in Madrid. In early 1962 two 17 old boys were living in Argüelles neighborhood: Fernando Munoz (organ) and Fernando Mariscal (drums). They both decided to form a band. Throughout that year will be completing training with Ele Juarez (guitar plucking), Juan José Sánchez Campins (bass), and Luis Blanco (rhythm guitar). They start rehearsing in a room  of Fernando Muñoz's home (Joaquin Maria Lopez St.), but soon emerge a serious problem when Juanjo go to Los Relámpagos band, where his brother already was. Missing a bassist, and after a long searching, they will encounter one of the few Japanese who then lived in Madrid: Tony Yoh , who will handle the instrument. The beginnings are always very slow, and ever as instrumental band under the name of The Zipi-Zape. Playing such as The Shadows, The Tornados, Johnny & The Hurricanes and other groups of the time, usually with the organ as the main asset. They play in clubs like Imperator, or Consulate, acting 7 days a week. Faced with protests from local people carry their rehearsals to a  school in the Isaac Peral St., where the director was Fernando Muñoz's mother. At that time they definitely renamed, taking Los PolarisBy the end of 1965, they recorded for Columbia their only EP. In that album The Polaris are: Fernando Muñoz, Ele Juarez, Manolo Diaz, Manolo Diaz Mariscal and Fernando Pallares. Manolo Diaz leave the group before the end of the year. Another occasional member was Miguel Ángel Sánchez, who become a mariachi singer.

Miguel Ángel Sánchez
Los Polaris, un conjunto ejemplar
Ap. 6, 1965:  Club IMPERANTE (Almendrales. 41) -Todas las tardes: Miguel Ríos, Robert Jeantal, Michel. Los Diablos Negros. Los Polaris.

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